Sensory Exam
Sensory Exam
Please assess the student performing a sensory exam
Student's Email:

GENERAL - Observe the student doing the following:


Washes hands
Introduces self and exam to patient
Appropriate draping of patient

Drape the extremities are exposed


SENSORY TESTING - The student should test the following elements:


Pain testing

Should use broken tongue depressor with a sharp point, test pain sensation in distal fingers

Vibration test using 128 Hz fork

Using 128-Hz fork, start at DIP and move proximally until find a joint with normal vibration sense

Light touch testing

Using cotton wool/Kleenex, dab the skin (not stroke) starting distally and move proximally

Joint position sense testing

With patient's eyes closed, hold their finger on the sides and move the finger up/down upon the DIP joint. Ask patient what direction their finger was moved. If abnormal, test a more proximal joint.


SPECIAL TESTS - Observe the student performing the following manoeuvers:



With patient's eyes closed, draw a number on their palm. Ask them what number it is


With patient's eyes closed, place an object (coin) in their hand and ask them what it is

Double simultaneous stimulation

With patient's eyes closed, touch either left, right, or both hands and ask patient which hand(s) are being touched