Cranial Nerve VII
Cranial Nerve VII
Please assess the student examining cranial nerve VII.
Student's Email:

GENERAL - Observe the student doing the following:

Washes hands
Introduces self and exam to patient
Appropriate draping of patient

The patient's face should be exposed


INSPECTION - The student should comment on the following:

Facial asymmetry

Examine for sparing of the forehead and ability to close eyes

Widening of the palpebral fissure
Flattening of the nasolabial fold
Drooping mouth
Involuntary facial movements

SPECIAL TESTS - Observe the student performing the following manoeuvers:

Frontalis test

"Raise your eyebrows"

Orbicularis oculi test

"Close your eyes and don't let me open them"

Orbicularis oris test

"Close your mouth tightly and don't let me open it"

Orbicularis oris and buccinator tests

"Puff out your cheeks and don't let me pop them"

Platysma test

"Show me just your bottom teeth"


Taste for anterior 2/3 of tongue

Offers to test corneal reflex