Blood Pressure and Pulse
Blood Pressure & Pulse
Please assess the student as they measure the patient's pulse and blood pressure (by palpation and auscultation).
Student's Email:

GENERAL - Observe the student doing the following:

Washes hands
Introduces self and exam to patient
Appropriate draping of patient

Patient's arm at the level of the heart, supine or sitting with feet on floor


PULSE - Observe the student measure the patient's pulse:

Locates and palpates the brachial or radial pulse

Comments on rate (in bpm), amplitude, and regularity


BLOOD PRESSURE - Observe the student performing the following manoeuvers:

Uses the correct size cuff
Wraps the cuff in the correct location

2cm above antecubital fossa over the brachial artery

Palpates the brachial pulse

Located medial to biceps tendon

Measures BP by palpation

Palpates radial artery while inflating BP cuff. Point at which radial pulse reappears during cuff deflation is systolic BP

Measures BP by auscultation

Placing stethoscope over brachial artery, inflate cuff to 20 mm Hg above SBP as measured by palpation. Deflates cuff at 2 mm Hg/sec and auscultates for Korotkoff sounds.